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classes happening during the shelter in place order!

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Exercise is one of the best medicines, especially during challenging times. We all know the endless benefits of exercising regularly. Particularly during these bizarre times, it is good to be reminded of how exercising can boost our immune system and benefit our mental health. 


Generally speaking, one hour of exercise daily will help us to flush-out bacteria from the lungs and airways and therefore reduce our chances of getting sick. Additionally, moderate exercise increases white blood cell production, and white blood cells are responsible for fighting infections. Exercising also helps release stress and, as a result, our quality of life improves while our chances of getting sick decrease. 


As we face the reality of having to be confined at home for a while to help fight the spread of the Coronavirus pandemic, we have some choices to make that can dramatically change how we experience these unprecedented and surreal times. 


Although we all have to practice social distancing, sitting on the couch glued to the screen, eating our anxiety away, and driving each other crazy does not have to be the way. 


Exercise is a big piece of the puzzle towards having a positive experience as the world seems to come to a halt. Please join us every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 8:30 am for a live workout with a supportive group. 


The exercises are simple, and no props are needed, all exercises are adaptable, and can be decreased or increased on intensity to fit all fitness levels, and most importantly, they are achievable yet challenging, and definitely fun. 


Feel free to email mkaltreider@mac.com, and we will get you all set-up to participate, or if you already are a Skype user, here is the link to call-in.

Find us: 

1935 Bohemian Hwy, Occidental CA 95465

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