Cherry Pie w/ Pecan Crumb Top

Cherry Pie w/ Pecan Crumb Top



Cherries, wheat flour (wheat), sugar, butter (milk), corn starch, water, pecans (nuts), salt


Serving Instructions:

Refrigerate or freeze for freshness

  • Preheat oven to 350°
  • Place pie on cookie sheet & insert into preheated oven
  • Warm 15-20 minutes (if pie crust rim begins to burn during warming, place aluminum foil around it for remaining time)
  • Serve warm or cooled to room temperature
  • Serve with your favorite local or homemade ice cream

    Support shARK's winter fundraiser with Kozlowski Pies!

For over 70 years Kozlowski's has been making pies in Sonoma County. Their pies are made with real fruit, wheat flour (without added enrichments), and 100% butter.
Kozlowski pies come ready to eat!  Just re-heat and serve or freeze for enjoyment later.
All pies are 9-inches and serve 8-12 people.
These pies do not contain peanuts but do contain other tree nuts.
Double Crust Apple is a nut-free option.